viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Wine + Architecture (2)

2 -Bodega Juan Alcorta, Logroño

If you like modern architecture, you must visit Bodega Juan Alcorta, in the outskirts of Logroño. You must. You simply must. Designed just a few years ago by Ignacio Quemada, this bodega is built on a hill that overlooks river Ebro.
Only a small part of the building (the reception area) is visible at the end of a bumpy road amidst an expansive vineyard grove. It does not look "flashy" or particularly big. This is serious. Keep driving...
Most of the winery is built underground, literally merging into nature. You will go downstairs into a modern, high-tech, wonderful building of subtle austere beauty. Little can be said from this point on. This is modern architecture at its best -at its most refined, most intellectual, most elegant.

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