viernes, 20 de junio de 2008

Wine + Architecture (5)

5-Bodega Marqués de Riscal, Elciego

Everybody knows the story by now: Owner of winery Marqués de Riscal wanted a "Guggenheim effect" in the small village of Elciego. So they invited Frank Gehry for a visit to their winery and tried to talk him into building a hotel for them. He was -rumor has it- not very tempted to design something that looked too "Guggenheim-like". So he said he would think it over. "Oh, by the way, Mr. Gehry", said the winery owner, "since you were born in 1929, we happen to have some bottles from that vintage, that, by the way, happens to be quite good...". So they drank together to the future building.
Frank Gehry designed only the hotel. The visit to winery Marqués de Riscal focuses exclusively in the 19th century buildings and the cellars, which are spectacular. But visitors are only allowed to view Gehry's work from a distance -unless you have lunch or dinner in the marvelous hotel restaurant!

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