jueves, 28 de agosto de 2008

Go ahead and plant

We didn’t know there was a philosophy behind our actions…we really did not. And now we find out that we are part (more or less) of a hype cool global movement! Here’s the story:

Casa Josephine does not have a garden. When it was built, at the turn of the 19th century, town houses in this area of Rioja did not have gardens –vegetable gardens were, and still are, outside the village.
However, there was an abandoned, neglected plot of land just across the street from our house. We found the owner, Herminia, and asked her if she would sell it. No way. Ok, then…Would she allow us to cultivate it? Go ahead –she said- and do as you please.

So we went ahead and did as we pleased. We cleaned the litter in a couple of weeks and we started planting: lavender, roses, rosemary, mint and spearmint, oleanders, carnations, daisies….our neighbours contributed greatly, giving plants, lending tools, watering the garden or encouraging us.
One year after, a friend told us, half-joking: “so you are a small Green Guerrilla”.
“What is that?”, we asked.
Green Guerrillas are organized groups of volunteers who are changing the face of our cities and public spaces by “reclaiming” neglected portions of land and converting them into wonderful gardens. They are brave and effective, and they deserve all the help and encouragement.

Thanks for the great work and the inspiration, green guerrilleros!
Find out what they do at:

The "reclaimed" garden in front of our house. So far, only half-way done.

We chose local species for "our" garden.

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wow! how it is growing!!!
a paradise for garden gnomes :-)