martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008

Our Top-Ten favourite restaurants (2)

2- Casa Toni, San Vicente de la Sonsierra

You may want to go to San Vicente de la Sonsierra for:
a- its breathtaking views over Ebro valley
b -its wineries (mythical "Contador" wine is produced here).
c- Casa Toni.
d- all of the above.

Casa Toni is in fact two restaurants, one traditional and one modern -both excellent. As chef Jesús Saez says, "you may experiment but you should never forget the roots of regional cuisine".

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Anónimo dijo...

I love Josephine House!!! I´m diying to afford it ;-)

You have done a very good job in that place: photographs show amacing interiors and promise a relaxing and pacefull staying. And a very good job, too, in mass media and new tecnologies.

I´ll enter to this blog again, to see how your new garden grows and new enters about the interesting nearby of your house.

Sorry for my English, i know i have to improve it. kisses from Spain, see u again!!!