miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

...and the living is easy

Every summer we reserve at least a couple of weeks for ourselves and our friends in Casa Josephine.

Time to relax, to wind down to a more "human" pace, to enjoy the time when life is easy and slow and to feel that worries get lighter if you simply take some distance.

Sorzano is at its very best from June to September. Days are long and bright and nights are cool, and the village is lively with the families that flee from the big cities to the place where they were born.

It is the time to enjoy the things we forget to enjoy when life gets hectic and absurd:

1) -Walks in the countryside:
Sorzano is surrounded by orchards owned by the villagers. Late in the afternoon we follow the local fashion and take long strolls, chatting with the acquaintences we meet along, and stopping every now and then to eat fruit from the trees.

2)-The fruits of the earth:
Plums, cherries, peaches, apricots, pears, apples, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes and wild strawberries are in season from June to September. And then, fall starts with grapes and figs! Is this Eden?

3) Leisure:
Time to dream, to make plans and to start projects. How about writing a poem? Or cutting pieces for a collage? Or designing the dreamed garden? Ideas bloom when time flows gently.

4)-Field trips:
We ride our old car to near villages in the valley of Cameros or to the banks of River Ebro for a drink, a walk or a meal. And driving among vineyards, we wonder what this year's wine will taste like...

5)- Convivial life:
The back door of our house opens onto a quiet public square. Like other locals, we take our chairs and tables out in the morning for a breakfast "al aire libre"....and they stay out for the whole day.

6)- A la fresca:
And when the sun starts to fall, we enjoy "la fresca", regional name for the first hours of the evening, when temperatures fall and people go out for a last long chat with the neighbours.

Nothing much, it is true....But who needs anything else?

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