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Fiesta time

Local festivities concentrate in the months of May, August and September.
With the ocasion of The Virgin of August (15th), Sorzano celebrates a procession to the local hermit. It is a ritual called "subir al bollo", which could be translated as "climb the hill and get the bread roll"...indeed.

Step 1- The dancers and the walkers parade up the path to the hermit. Along with them goes the trickster, dressed in a colourful striped suit. It is a figure of pagan origin.

Step 2-Mass is celebrated. Which does not mean that it is attended.

Step 3-Bread rolls stuffed with chorizo are distributed to the people.

Step 4- Dancers lead the parade down the hill.

Step 5- ...the authorities follow, carrying a nice pie for the statue of the Virgin

Step 6- ...and Virgin Mary goes down the hill. In the village, the parade ends at the main church.

Step 7- And the dancers take a rest before the paella.

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