domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Our neighbor Lola: The Queen of Patchwork

Sorzano is proud to have Lola Barasoain as its most distinguished neighbor. Former coutourier -and model- for the Givenchy atelier in Paris, she chose Rioja as her place to live in the early seventies.

Way back then, she started collecting patchwork samples, quilts and ornaments from the old ladies in the villages, saving this art form from disappearing in Rioja.
Lola is considered to be the world's specialist in Spanish Patchwork (called "almazuelas").

Her house in the woods near Sorzano, "El molino", is a former mill, refurbished to hold an impressive collection of textiles and old patchwork patterns.
El molino was featured recently in Casa & Campo magazine .

There she conducts her patchwork classes and lectures,
summer camps and activities for children.

And here's the material we dealt with when we gave patchwork a try...

And here's the results. Casa Josephine's patchwork!

How about a stay in Casa Josephine perfecting your patchwork technique?
Let yourself be pampered at our cozy Casa and enjoy private daily patchwork lessons with expert Lola Barasoain.
Contact us at for a patchwork holiday.

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009

Our Top-Ten favourite restaurants (3): Marqués de Riscal

Francis Paniego is himself a guarantee of excellent cuisine. His experience at mythical restaurant Echaurren, in Ezcaray, has prepared him for this new challenge: to orchestrate and conduct the kitchen at Marqués de Riscal Starwood Hotel, in Elciego.
You can opt for the "nouvelle cuisine" experience at the elegant "Restaurante Marqués de Riscal", at the top of the building, or at the "Bistró 1860" which has a slighty more casual atmosphere.

And then, how about relaxing at Spa Caudalie?

Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

Happy birthday, Patricia

Our best friend in Sorzano, lovely charming wonderful kind-hearted Patricia is celebrating her birthday today.
Felicidades, querida Patricia. Te queremos muchísimo.

(We are sure that guests and clients of Casa Josephine who have had the chance to meet her are joining us today singing "Happy Birthday")

Introducing our wine guru

We owe everything we know about wine to Lidia García Merino, one of the best "noses" in Rioja Wine Region. She holds -among many others- the honor of being the first woman to be admitted into "Cofradía Del Vino de Rioja", a board of aenologists, wine makers and wine experts dedicated to study and promote the knowledge of local wines of the highest standards. Her natural gift for tasting wine keeps astonishing us, and we follow her advice on wine blindly.
So far, we have neven gone wrong.
¡Gracias, Lidia! We love you!

a walk at sunset

Strolling at sunset. My favorite espadrilles, orchards, paths....This week, the earth is overwhelming us with gladioli all over the place.

Maria, breakfast at Casa Josephine